Far Eastern cedar. Briefly about the main

Cedar differs from other types of conifers primarily in that only from its cones can you get tasty and healthy seeds, popularly called nuts. In the Far East, they, by the way, are much larger than in the Siberian. In addition wood material cedar turns out to be very solid: you can build houses and make durable furniture.

Far eastern cedar Is a long-lasting frost-resistant plant. It can live up to 600 years! Although it is not always possible to grow it successfully in a warmer climate. There are tree diseases that do not exist in the taiga, but in the central regions or in the south they easily spread and can kill a still immature seedling. At the age of three years for a cedar, it can become very dangerous microscopic mushroom fusarios... You can fight this unpleasant microorganism with a solution of potassium permanganate, garlic infusion, wood ash diluted in water.

For the first three to four years, small cedars grow slowly and require special attention. Then growth accelerates, and the trunk becomes woody and becomes almost invulnerable to pests.

Cedar can be grown from a nut. But you will have to wait a long time for a tasty and bountiful harvest. Common wild plant gives the first bumps only after 20 years of age. Unless the scientists-selectors will develop some cultivar.

If you still decide to grow Far Eastern cedar, remember that it does not need loosening and fertilization. Only mulching and moderate watering in dry weather.

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