Strawberry cultivation technology all year round at home

Strawberry cultivation technology all year round will allow you to constantly enjoy the taste of these ripe berries. Note that this technique is relatively simple, and if you master it perfectly, you can even create a small home business that will bring a regular income.

How to grow strawberries at home?

First, you need to study in more detail these berries, in particular strawberry varieties. Then you must carefully understand each step, the correct implementation of which will allow you to harvest a high yield.

Growing strawberries at home:

  • arrangement of the premises with the necessary system for ensuring a favorable microclimate (heating, ventilation, feeding, irrigation, feeding)
  • preparation of substrate components
  • preparation and storage of berry seedlings
  • purchase of plastic bags for growing seedlings
  • laying a moistened substrate
  • securing bags
  • transplanting

After planting strawberries will be carried out, it is necessary to maintain an optimal microclimate in the room. Moreover, it can be both a glazed balcony, and an attic, veranda, loggia.

Remember that you need to equip the so-called berry blocks. They can even be placed in several tiers, if the height of the room allows.

For what was provided strawberry care, it is necessary to build a homemade irrigation system.

As you can see, strawberries all year round may well grow in your home. The main thing is just to carefully study all the stages of its cultivation, and strictly follow each point, maintaining favorable conditions for these capricious berries.

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