Polycarbonate greenhouse: DIY installation

A greenhouse in a summer cottage is intended for growing thermophilic garden crops, which, due to climatic conditions, are rather difficult to grow in open ground.

It is easy to install a polycarbonate greenhouse with your own hands, but certain requirements should be taken into account when erecting it.

After installing such a greenhouse, you do not need to spend money on repairs or replacing the film. A high-quality polycarbonate greenhouse will last a long time.


  • Greenhouse construction: preparatory work
  • Polycarbonate greenhouse foundation: selection and installation
  • Types of polycarbonate greenhouse structures
  • Polycarbonate sheet installation technology

Greenhouse construction: preparatory work

Among other types of plastic, polycarbonate looks quite attractive. Choosing polycarbonate, you can significantly save money.

Before purchasing a polycarbonate sheet, you must carefully inspect the material. The thickness of the polycarbonate must be at least 4 cm, and the weight must be at least 10 kg.

Polycarbonate is a flexible material that has good thermal insulation properties. Ultraviolet rays, which have a destructive effect on plants, do not pass through the polycarbonate sheets.

When building a greenhouse, you should calculate the number of sheets required. To calculate the required number of sheets, you need to divide the length of the greenhouse by 210 cm.

Polycarbonate sheets are produced in sizes of 6 and 12 meters.

The most convenient are 6 meter sheets. The width of the greenhouse will be equal to the value of the double radius.

To build a greenhouse, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Frame material
  • Polycarbonate Sheets
  • Self-tapping screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw

When building a greenhouse, it is necessary to take into account some features. There should be optimal space inside the greenhouse. Sheets should be used wisely to avoid large amounts of waste.

The material for the frame must be selected taking into account the greenhouse climate. The most suitable option would be a galvanized profile. If you use wood, then it must first be treated with special antiseptics.

Polycarbonate greenhouse foundation: selection and installation

When choosing the location of the greenhouse, the light regime, soil composition and groundwater level should be taken into account.

There are different types of foundations: brick, wood, tape. The most budgetary option would be the construction of a wooden foundation. For a greenhouse from a bar, it is necessary to make a cross-section of 50x80 mm, but more is possible.

The timber should be pre-treated with a special protective compound. Next, on a flat surface, install supports, on which the beams are subsequently attached. Then tie the bars together and lay them on the waterproofing.

The most durable and reliable foundation for a greenhouse is a brick one. A small cement or concrete pad should be installed before laying bricks. Laying should be done in several layers.

Next, a waterproofing layer is laid. When constructing any foundation, it is imperative to install fasteners for the frame. Any strong reinforcement or metal corners can be used as fastening material.

Types of polycarbonate greenhouse structures

The greenhouse frame can be of various designs. Depending on the shape of the structure, the following types are distinguished:

  1. Arched construction. It is a versatile, durable and affordable design that is easy to manufacture, install and maintain. This form is very economical, the load-bearing elements are not loaded. As a result, the load on the foundation and material consumption are reduced.
  2. Greenhouse house. This structure can be built in any size. The only drawback of a greenhouse-house is a large cross-section, in contrast to an arched structure. More material will be needed for such a greenhouse.

Depending on the material of the structure, several types of frame are distinguished:

  1. Wooden frame. Differs in simple installation. A significant drawback is fragility. The tree requires constant maintenance and repair.
  2. Galvanized profile. It is the best option, as it combines strength and lightness of the structure. Differs in a fairly simple installation. When erecting a profile, bend the arch, and also make holes for the bolts. This is the only drawback of this structure.
  3. Steel tube frame. This frame is strong and durable. It is undesirable to use such a frame for an arched greenhouse. You will need a welding machine to bend the pipes.

After choosing the shape, material and installation of the structure, you can proceed to the installation of the greenhouse with polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate sheet installation technology

Polycarbonate sheets can be installed in several ways. The simplest and most convenient installation is on a polycarbonate profile.

To properly install the material, holes should be drilled in the sheets and screwed to the rafters with self-tapping screws. Polycarbonate is installed throughout the greenhouse. The sheets are laid in an overlay, fastened from above with an aluminum or galvanized tape.

The connections on the inside must be reinforced with perforated tape. It prevents dust and drafts.

The structure closes completely, first the roof and the ends of the arches, and then the side walls. Close the corners of the connection of polycarbonate sheets with corners or tape.

For doors, you need to prepare boards in advance. Saw them and fasten the hinges.

Next, put the finished door frame on a polycarbonate sheet and cut to size. Then screw it to the doors. After that, the doors can be hung and handles put on.

When installing a greenhouse with polycarbonate, important recommendations should be followed.

There is a protective film on the polycarbonate material. It must be left until the greenhouse is completely covered.

Installation should be done carefully, since the material is flexible enough, it can be bent or broken. Dust and shavings from cut edges must not get into the plastic.

When fixing sheets with bolts, holes must be drilled in advance. They should be larger than the diameter of the bolts themselves and be at least 4 cm from the edge.

For the construction of a greenhouse, large costs and efforts are not required. At the summer cottage, a polycarbonate greenhouse will allow you to grow plants for a long time.

Correct installation of a solid greenhouse with your own hands:

Watch the video: BUILD - 6 x 6 Polycarbonate Aluminium Polycarbonate Greenhouse Installation (January 2022).