How to choose the right planting material and grow an apple tree from a seed

As a child, each of us was interested in the question: "Will an apple tree grow from one bone?" Indeed, at first glance, it seems completely unrealistic. But experienced gardeners know that it is possible to grow an apple tree from seeds, but this process will be very laborious.


  • Preparing seeds for planting
  • Selection of planting material
  • Preparing the soil for sowing
  • Planting and leaving

Preparing seeds for planting

Before planting apple seeds, they must be prepared in advance, otherwise they may not come off at all. Initially, the seeds taken out of the apple should be thoroughly rinsed under running water. Thus, substances that interfere with their germination are removed from the seeds. Next, the bones are placed in a container of water and left in it for three days.

But it should be remembered that the water must be changed to fresh every day. On the last day, it is recommended to add a special growth stimulant to the water. The next stage in seed preparation is stratification (seed hardening). For this, a container with sawdust or wet sand is taken, where the seeds are placed for several months.

This container must be kept in the refrigerator at all times. Periodically, you need to check the condition of the sand, because it can dry out or become moldy. You can also use another method of stabbing, which consists in planting seeds in open ground. This should be done at the end of summer, so that by spring they swell and go through all the stages of hardening.

Selection of planting material

When removing seeds from an apple, not all of them are suitable for planting. Therefore, in order to increase the germination of seeds, it is worthwhile to conduct a careful selection of planting material. You need to choose the strongest and most mature bones. The maturity of apple seeds is determined by their color.

The more saturated it is, the more mature the seed will be. The strength test is carried out by touch. If the seeds are soft and loose, then they are not used as planting material. After the selection of seeds, they are thoroughly washed in a light container and placed on cheesecloth, where they will dry out.

Preparing the soil for sowing

The sowing soil must be enriched with mineral additives. For every ten kilograms of garden soil, you need to add the following components:

20g potassium sulfate
200 g wood ash
30 g superphosphate

The depth of planting seeds in the ground is about fifteen millimeters. After planting the seeds, the entire area should be watered abundantly with water, while trying not to erode the soil.

Advantages and disadvantages of growing an apple tree from seeds

The first disadvantage of growing an apple tree from seeds is the laboriousness of the process itself. The cultivated apple tree during the first years of its life will need to be transplanted several times. For the first time, transplanting is done from a nursery to a tall pot. Thus, the development of the central taproot occurs.

The second transplant takes place about a year later and the seedling is transplanted into an even larger pot. The third transplant is open ground. Carrying out such stages accelerates the growth of the apple tree. Of the advantages of this growing method, the frost resistance of the varieties can be noted. The tree grows stronger than the parent variety and can live up to eighty years.

Planting and leaving

For planting an apple tree, a sunny, wind-protected area is selected. Transplanting a seedling into the ground should be carried out in the second half of spring. For the normal development of the seedling, it should be fertilized with mineral fertilizing. In the first year of a seedling's life, it is not advisable to fertilize it with such organic matter as manure or bird droppings, since a young tree can get burned.

Also, from such fertilizing, the tree can get a bacterial infection. The best fertilizer for young sprouts is humus infusion. With its help, the tree will develop better and foliage will appear on it faster. Caring for seedlings consists not only in fertilization, but also in loosening and watering.

In the first days of a young sprout's life, watering should be abundant, since the rhizome has not yet fully formed. Periodically, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the soil around the tree.

If it is dry, then watering should be carried out immediately. Today, the apple tree grown from seeds can be used as an ornamental plant. Such an apple tree will be compact and small, so it will perfectly fit into almost any interior. Since the apple tree is a deciduous plant, it should be kept in a cool room at rest in winter. Planting of decorative apple trees should be carried out in late autumn, before the onset of frost.

Video about planting an apple tree using seeds:

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